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Sectors Sports & Leisure

With competition for new patrons sporting facilities must be creatively designed to attract athletes and spectators to attend venues
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Centres of sporting excellence are being created within sustainable development models utilising public and private sector funding vehicles. Voluntary sporting bodies are reliant on the use of public funds and grant aid support to supplement privately generated funding for sporting projects to advance.

Given the budgetary challenges of  many sporting projects, the creative and alternate use of venues is required in order to generate supplementary income streams for venues. Such uses may not relate to the core sporting objective for the venue, but may allow the venue to be utilised outside of the core sporting time frames.

The operating costs of sports venues must be considered within the business case model for schemes. A rigorous approach to the implementation of sustainable development solutions can significantly impact on and reduce energy needs and costs.

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Ballybough Community College, DublinSports & Leisure / Civic