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At Carron+Walsh we use our Project Controls expertise to provide effective Programme Management, Cost Security and comprehensive Risk Management for our clients.
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Project Controls are the tools and systems used by our Project Management Team during the lifecycle of a project to keep the project on time, on track and within budget. Our Project Controls Service is designed to protect our client's interests and to provide them with a detailed status on cost or programme at every stage of the project.

We deliver these services as part of a full service Project Management Team or our project controls staff can be seconded on a project basis to meet our clients needs.

We offer the following services under our Project Controls umbrella.

Project Planning, Scheduling & Reporting

Our Project Controls professionals can provide you with the detailed planning, monitoring and controlling services you need to be confident your project will be delivered on time, and within budget.

Our team has comprehensive experience on a range of scheduling software tools including Oracle Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, ASTA, as well as Risk Management Tools including @Risk for Monte Carlo Simulation. Services will be tailored to your specific projects needs and typically can include development and management of the following elements:

Project deliverables
Scope management
Work breakdown / Cost breakdown structures
Schedule development
Schedule management
Schedule forecasting
Progress measurement / reporting
Productivity analysis
Programme recovery advice

Earned Value Analysis is a forecasting and monitoring tool used to measure project progress. The original project budget and baseline schedule are compared to the actual work completed on an ongoing basis. This allows a detailed analysis of performance against budget and schedule and gives a forecast to close for the project, giving early warning of any deviation from plan.

When the Earned Value Analysis method is employed from the beginning of a project the tool will allow early intervention and mitigation with respect to emerging risks and there potential consequences for schedule and cost performance.

Cost management
Cost forecasting
Cost control

A rigorous and detailed Change Management and Scope Control Process is one of the essential elements in ensuring a project has certainty with respect to budget and schedule delivery. We can ensure your projects success through the implementation of detailed and comprehensive Change Control Procedures and Change Management Processes to enable the clear and precise scope management on complex projects. Precise change control will ensure all parties to the contract are clear and fully aligned on essential scope changes.

A further benefit of a detailed change management process is the resultant availability of statistical change information such as the range of Drivers for change, the impact of a certain type of change and the attributable costs. This provides real-time opportunity to address the causes of change at source and reduce the number of changes, thus minimising potential risk to schedule and budget.

Carron + Walsh use a comprehensive risk Management Process to ensure a defined and clear path to managing your project's risks and opportunities.
Working across the project team, risk workshops are held to determine potential negative risks and positive opportunities from across the range of activities and tasks covering the project delivery process.

These risks are then compiled in a Risk Register where a detailed assessment of the probability of the risks occurrence and the criticality of the resultant impact are compiled. This information allows the risks to be ranked for mitigation. Mitigation plans are developed and capital budgets and programme schedules can be revised as required to reflect an acceptable level of risk. This process provides clarity and confidence that the project or programme can be executed and delivered within the approved budget and schedule.

Carron + Walsh can also perform Monte Carlo Simulation using statistical analysis to review the impact of different combinations of risk occurrences helping to identify which risks will have the greatest impact on the project outcome. This is a key tool in analysing the uncertainties and risks inherent to the management of large projects.

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